//Meetings – Come Join Us!

Meetings – Come Join Us!

I want to welcome you to our Jubilee Year! 50 years ago, some radio collectors found a few friends who loved talking about radios as much as they did and said something like: “hey, why don’t we make this a club?”. What has happened since then is 5 decades of meetings, swaps, learning about radios and the history of technology, what an amazing achievement!

Our monthly meetings are open to everyone and we invite you to join us in person or on Zoom. We start around 8:00 am with a mini-swap meet in the parking lot when the weather is good, and inside when it’s cold and rainy. We serve coffee and snacks and have time to socialize. Our offerings include a workbench where an experienced repair person can assist members and guests in learning how to diagnose radio issues and how to use the equipment. This is mostly geared towards newer radio enthusiasts, but who hasn’t had an issue that just couldn’t be solved and would like some help to diagnose it?

At 10:00 am, we start our demonstrations and Show and Tell. We also open up our Zoom link so that remote members and people who want to see what our club is about can join in. Demonstrations in the past have included wooden cabinet repair, restoring a WWII military radio, vintage television repair equipment, kit building, hands on tube testing using different models including a Hickok, crystal radio building classes and much more! Our Show and Tells are a great opportunity for members to talk about what they have learned, show what they have built and answer questions from the group.

Our Business Meeting starts at 11:30 and guests are welcome. Officers give their reports and the members bring up old and new business for the club.
For any questions about membership or meetings, please contact (call or text): 425-470-3130 or email psarapresident@pugetsoundantiqueradio.com. We hold weekly Sunday morning get togethers on Zoom. It is a great place to meet us to see if you would like to join. Please contact us (above) for more information.

We meet every Sunday on Zoom at around 9:30 and go until around lunchtime. We meet at the Cedar Valley Grange for our business meetings every third Sunday except for June and December when it is the second Sunday and, of course, there is no meeting in August when we have our swap meet on the third Sunday. This is the in-person/hybrid business meeting schedule at the Grange:

8ish – 10ish: Mini Swap Meet outside if weather permits/ Workbench assistance
10:00 am – 11:25 am: One or two demonstrations or Show and Tells
11:30 am – 12:00 pm: Business meeting
2. Old Business
3. New Business
12:00pm – ? Leads and Needs
Meeting Adjourns