//PSARA November Contest 2023

PSARA November Contest 2023

Radio Contest, November 19

Our much anticipated annual November Radio Contest will be held on November 19. We have added
three new categories: O, for Oscilloscopes, S for Advertising, and T for Test Equipment other than
oscilloscopes. In addition, we made some minor tweaks to some other categories for clarification.

We will continue Category Z (Zoom) that we added last year. Entries in this category will be by photograph and will be placed on the PSARA website by the club webmaster. This category is only for members who will not be attending in person. Only one Zoom entry per member is allowed. The Zoom rules are mostly the same as in the 2021 Radio Photo Contest (see November 2021 newsletter). Please contact PSARApresident@PugetSoundAntiqueRadio.com, for the complete set of rules if you would like to enter an item via Zoom.

All members present at the Grange Hall and on Zoom will be able to vote for this category. Entries for Category Z will be accepted now through 11:59 pm on Nov. 12th. The rules for the in-person Radio
Contest are listed below. Categories are listed on the next page.

Radio Contest Rules
1. Entries will be checked in from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
2. Enter in as many categories as you like, but no more than ONE entry per category. Categories are
shown below.
3. Previous FIRST PLACE winners, no matter how long ago, may not be entered.
4. Entrants choose where their items best fit in the categories, unless challenged. Challenges will be decided by the PSARA Officers.
5. Fill out an entry form for each entry, with a complete description. Numbers will be assigned by the registration team.
6. Place entry number on or in front of each entry (each category will have a separate table or space).

1. Voting begins at 11:30 AM and closes at 1:00 PM.
2. Each current member is entitled to receive a ballot. Non-members are not eligible to vote.
3. For voting to be fair, voters must indicate their choices for first, second, and third in EACH category unless there are fewer than three entries. PLEASE VOTE FOR EVERY CATEGORY, unless there are no entries in a category.
4. ALSO, PLEASE VOTE FOR BEST OF SHOW by picking your favorite radio from the entire contest.
Be sure to indicate the Category and the Category Number (e.g., A 3, G 7, etc.) at the bottom of your
5. First, second, and third place votes will be tallied respectively at 3, 2 and 1 points.
6. Points for best of show will be tallied as one point by each voter.
7. Please judge items on condition, authenticity, and desirability. Honesty in categorization is required to have a fair and meaningful contest.

Results will be announced via email as soon as the votes are tallied, and then published in the December newsletter. If you do not have email, and would like earlier results, please provide your contact phone number. Winners will be contacted via email, or the phone number provided at registration.

Ribbons will be awarded at the December meeting. In case of ties, multiple ribbons will be awarded.

The contest includes radios, vintage televisions, and associated items only. NO PHOTOGRAPHS
or non-radio related items are permitted in the in-person contest.

A. Crystal Sets
B. Battery Sets – Pre 1945
C. AC or DC Wood – Up to and including 1945
D. AC or DC Wood – Post 1945
E. AC or DC Metal
F. AC or DC Plastic
G. Ham, Military, Communication Receivers, Transmitters, Transceivers
H. Novelty
I. Pocket Transistor Radios
J. Other Transistor Radios
K. Vacuum Tube Portables
L. Misc. Hardware, Microphones, etc.
M. Documents, Books, Printed Material
N. Catalin, Mirror, and Cloisonné Radios
O. Oscilloscopes
P. Console Radios
Q. Speakers
R. Televisions
S. Advertising – Signs, Posters, Booklets, and Magazine and Newspaper Ads.
T. Test Equipment (other than oscilloscopes)
Z. Zoom entries