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About Us

Puget Sound Antique Radio Association

PSARA is a non-profit, social & educational community. We are also dedicated to the preservation and restoration of antique radios and share our hobby with anyone interested in gadgets, history, DIY and building electronics.

If you join one of our meetings, either in person or via Zoom, you will be treated to the following:
• a place where you can ask questions about a family heirloom,
• get advice about your or a family member’s collection,
• find a new home for a radio,
• Listen to members share what they have learned through a recent build or repair,
• amazing Show and Tells about the history of a vintage radio and how it represents a turning point in the technology. We share our knowledge and our excitement about learning new things.
• great conversations about radio and science history, NASA, Seattle history, you just never know what the topic will be but it is always engaging!
• Feel free to ask questions about troubleshooting radios and hear learned responses and step by step instructions. With over a century or two of combined knowledge, it is an excellent opportunity to learn the techniques you didn’t even know you needed!

For any questions about membership or meetings, please contact (call or text): 425-470-3130 or email psarapresident@pugetsoundantiqueradio.com.