Disposing Of Your Collection (When The Time Comes)

We must all recognize that at some point our collections will need to be liquidated.  If an inventory is created it will help our families with the disposition. PSARA member Al Ross has been very interested in developing a Personal Inventory Form for our members to catalog their possessions in the event they become very ill or pass away.  With the form and accompanying photos, family members would be able to dispose of or disseminate their loved ones possessions in a more orderly fashion and consistent with that individual’s wishes.  The form has a place called “Disp.” for members to indicate how they wish items to be disposed.

As an alternative, a simpler approach is that members can simply take photos of their radios and related items and write the make, model, serial number and value on the back of each photo.

The goal is to bring some order out of what could become a chaotic situation.

Personal Inventory Form

Personal Inventory Form Instructions