Annual Contest

Every year, at the November meeting date, PSARA holds a contest and display of radios and radio related items.

There have been some recent changes to the categories to reflect the needs of the members.  Category changes can be made at any regular meeting with a majority of members present voting for the change.



A.  Crystal Sets

B.  Battery Sets

C.  A.C. Wood - Pre 1945

D.  A.C. Wood - 1945 and up

E.  A.C. Metal

F.  A.C. Plastic

G.  Ham, Military and Communications Receivers

H.  Novelty

I.  Transistor

J.  Vacuum Tube Portables

K.  Miscellaneous Hardware, Mikes, etc.

L.  Signs, Ads, Documents, Books, Printed Material

M.  Catalin

N.  Mirrored Sets

O.  Console Radios

P.  Speakers

Q.  Television

The annual radio contest is held the third Sunday of November. Entries may be checked in from 9:45 AM to 11:15 AM. Enter in as many categories as you like, but no more than one entry per category. Previous 1st place winners may not be entered.

Voting begins at 11:30 AM and closes at 1:00 PM. Each current member may receive a ballot. Voters will indicate their choices for first, second and third in each category by writing the entry numbers (i.e. A9, B12, C6 etc.) on their ballots. An additional vote should be cast for best of show on the ballot.

First, second, and third place votes will be tallied respectively as three, two and one points. Points for best of show will be tallied as one point. Results will be announced as soon as votes are tallied. Ribbons will will be awarded at the December meeting, and in the case of ties, multiple ribbons will be awarded.

The contest includes radios, vintage televisions, and associated items only. No photographs or other non-radio related items.