Puget Sound Antique Radio Association


July 16th 2017

Preview: 10:30 AM

Auction: 12:00 PM

Cedar Valley Grange Hall
20526 52nd Avenue W.
Lynnwood, WA 98036


Console Radios, Communications Sets, TV's & Test Equipment

Zenith 1940 Model 8S463


1946 Philco Model 46-480


W7JK Transmitter Unit


1930 Dunlap Console Radio


Atwater Kent Model 37 Radio Stand


Hallicrafters c.1939 S-20R Sky Champion


Radio Manufacturing Engineers c.1935 RME-69


Airguide DF-O-Matic Navigator Model 1000


Northern Electric Model 252-B Marine Radio


Hallicrafters 1961 Sky Buddy II Model S-119


National Company 1945 HRO-5TA-I with Coil Set


Hallicrafters c.1940 Super Skyraider Model SX-28


WWII Navy Model RAL-8 sn 314


Northern Radio 1946 Model E Communication Receiver


Brush 1946 Soundmirror BK-401 Magnetic Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder


Eicor c.1950's Magnetic Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder 


Motorola 1948 7" Suitcase Portable TV Model VT-73


Tektronix Type 545 Oscilloscope


Supreme Instruments 1938 Model 546 Oscilloscope


Philco c.1946 Junior Scope Model 7019


Philco Visual Alignment Generator Model 7008 


Weston c.1929 Portable AC/DC Volt Meter Model 18 


Unmarker Make and Model Condenser Tester


General Radio c. 1920 Decade Resistance Box Type 102k


General Radio c.1929 Type 558-P Amateur Band Frequency Meter with Original Paperwork


Whitney Electrical Instruments c. 1904 Testing Set Model 755


Philco c.1936 Model 099 Signal Genertor and Volt Meter


Supreme Instruments Unmarked Model Tube Tester


Supreme Instruments c. 1940 Model 549 Tube and Set Tester



Hickok c.1933 Diamond Point Junior Model Tube Tester


Hickok c.1932 Model AC-47-TS Tube Tester Made for Tung Sol


Supreme Instruments Model 599-A Tube Tester


Apparatus Design Company Unameter Tube Tester





Books, Radio Accessories & Speakers


Lot of (2) Boxes RCA 1931-1952 Service Notes/Data Binders/Books


Lot of (1) Box Zenith, Motorola & Record Changer Service Information Binders/Books


Lot of (1) Box of GE, Philco, Crosley, Sparton & Motorola Factory Service Information Binders/Books


Lot of (1) Box of Transistor/Solid State Electronics Books


Lot of (1) Box of Assorted Radio, Broadcasting & Electronics Books


Lot of Assorted Antique Radio Battery Chargers & Power Supplies


Lot of Antique Battery/Battery Jars


Lot of Assorted Telegraph/Radio Code Keys and Equipment


Antique Telegraph Relay


Lot of 2 Antique Microphones


Fisher 1Kw Air Cooled Spark Gap c. 1919


1920's Long-wire Outdoor Antenna


Lot Assorted Radio Receiver and Transmitting Display Tubes


Lot of Aprox. 200+ Centralab/IRC Controls and Switches


Cunningham Radio Tubes 1938 College Football Retail Display Standee


Philco Service Lighted Sign


Rola c.1926 Model 10 Magnetic Cone Speaker


Atwater Kent 1928 Model E3 Magnetic Cone Speaker


Atwater Kent 1924 Model L Horn Speaker


1920's Paper Horn Speaker


Crosley Musicone c.1925 Magnetic Cone Speaker with Original Box


C.F. Cannon #25 Headphones


Vacuum tube & Transistor Radios


Packard Bell Tabletop AC Radio


Crosley 1925 The Pup Single-Tube Battery Radio


Packard c.1930's Tombstone AC Radio


Lot of (2) RCA 1946 Radiola Model 61-3 Tabletop AC Radios


Olympic 1946 Model 6-606-U Portable AC/DC Radio


Hallicrafters Model 5R72 Tabletop Radio


Philco 1946 Model 46-350 Portable Radio


Zenith 1953 Model 6L40 Transoceanic AC/DC Portable Radio


Zenith 1946 Model 8G005YT Transoceanic AC/DC Portable Radio


Freshman 1925 Masterpiece Tabletop Battery Radio


Philco 1946 Model 46-451 Tabletop AC Radio


Philco 1941 Model 41-226 Tabletop AC Radio


Zenith 1961 Model G730 Tabletop AC Radio


Philco 1942 Model 42-122 Tabletop Battery Radio


Zenith 1951 Model H500 Transoceanic AC/DC Portable Radio


Umarked c.1920's Tabletop Battery Radio


Golden-Leutz 1925 "Plio-6" Tabletop Battery Radio


Melco 1923 Kit Tabletop Battery Radio


Troy 1937 Model 57 Tabletop AC Radio


Philco 1931 Model 90 Cathedral AC Radio


Zenith 1949 Model 7H91Z Tabletop AC Radio


Emerson 1958 Model 888 "Explorer" Transistor Portable Battery Radio


RCA 1935 Model T8-14 Tombstone AC Radio


RCA 1947 Model 66X11 Tabletop AC Radio 


Zenith 1948 Model 8G005TZ1Y Transoceanic AC/DC Portable Radio 


Offical Boy Scout One-Tube Radio Kit with Original Box


RCA 1925 Radiola 25 Model AR-919 Tabletop Battery Radio


General Motors 1932 Model 110A "Little General" Cathedral AC Radio


Silvertone 1930's Model 1584U Cathedral AC Radio


Philco 1937 Model 37-610 Tabletop AC Radio


Philco 1935 Model 116-121 Tombstone AC Radio


Steinite 1924 Model 25 One-Tube Tabletop Battery Radio


Lot of (2) RCA 1924 Radiola III's + RCA 1924 Radiola Balanced Amplifier


Philco 1932 Model 80B "Philco Junior" Cathedral AC Radio with Original Shipping Box


Melco 1923 "Supreme" Tabletop Battery Radio


Sharp c.1964 Model BP-374 7-Transistor Portable Radio


Homebrew 1922 Crystal Radio


Atwater Kent 1927 Model 37 Tabletop AC Radio


Atwater Kent 1929 Model 46 Tabletop AC Radio


Zenith 1940 Model 7S530 Tabletop AC Radio


Unknown Make and Model 1920's Tabletop Battery Radio


Graetz 1961 Model 1022ES "Fantasia" Tabletop AC Radio


Lot of (2) Radios: Unknown 1920's 1-Tube Battery Radio + WWII MacKay Type 1233X Crystal Radio


Grebe 1927 Syncrophase Seven Tabletop Battery Radio


Kilbourne & Clark 1920 "Junior Receiver Set #2" Battery Radio Kit